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Products tagged as : Wave

New soundscape pads, classic pads, progressive and powerful leads useful in every musical context, piano simulations, some industrial sound and so on, useful for cinematic compositions ... 24 new sounds for your Nord Wave !

Custom Library V1 + Custom Library V2 Bundle for Nord Wave. Heavy leads, dreaming pads and abstract pianos can really inspire your music production... 130 sounds !!!

The Nord Wave Monster Pack V3 is a sound library containing sounds of the highest quality for studio productions and live performances: Monster Pack V2 + Sample Upgrade + Synth Legends... over 100 new sounds !

The NW Synth Legends is a great collection of moving pads, organs, piano synths and clavinet inspired by the legendary synths by Roland®... 20 new sounds on about 175 MB new samples !

Red Giant Library Vol 3 is created for the serious keyboard player who need great sound under his fingertips; the library explore about 3 decade of synthesis... 34 new programs

The Nord Wave Monster Pack is a great collection of moving pads, aggressive leads and soft plucked synths. This pack pushes your Nord Wave over the edge of its capabilities... 55 new patches