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Products tagged as : synth attack

Three soundbanks for Waldorf Blofeld / Desktop now available in the united package... 145 new sounds !

We made a set of presets for you, in which everyone can find leading sounds to their taste - soft, warm and analog, as well as sharp, aggressive and digital. In our set there are sounds with a long tail, and short plucked instruments, and also some experimental presets with complex modulation... 40 new sounds !

"Explorations" soundset opens up many new facets of using this beautiful German synthesizer. Here you will find cosmic pads, bright modulated leads, playful arpeggios, interesting effects and much more... 50 new sounds !

In this bank you will find multi-layer pads that take you beyond the event horizon and dissolve into distant outer space; amazing arpeggios that convey the sounds of near-Earth space objects and allow you to enter the unexplored territories of the unknown planets; impetuous leads piercing dark matter with their bright sound frequencies; polyphonic keys, colored by the radiation of the starry sky... 55 new sounds !

The Very Best of Analog Synth is the new original custom soundset for Waldorf Blofeld. 128 unique patches and 100% analogue flavour !

This collection is a comprehensive bank of various kind of sounds such as pads, lead sounds, analog synth... 25 new sounds !