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K27008 - One Vision Cover Pack - Kurzweil K2700 ( 28 presets )

Sales Price: 39 €
Discounted Price: 25,00 €
Useful collection to cover the most famous songs made by Queen in their extraordinary career... Enjoy these 28 new sounds!
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K27008 - One Vision Cover Pack - Kurzweil K2700 ( 28 presets ) - Details

This useful library will allow you to enter the world of the “Queen” band. Freddie Mercury's amazing band, born in 1970, is known for recording some of the best songs of all time. In the 80s Queen started a sound experimentation that saw the synthesizers excel in their sound. In fact, in this library there are many of these sounds; from the famous arpeggio that spreads throughout the song "Radio Gaga", to the orchestral and moving atmospheres of "Who Wants to Live Forever"; from the lead sound for the song "I Want to Break Free", to the romantic electric piano of "Too Much Love will Kill You"; from the marcato strings of "The Show Must Go On" to the “One Vision” patch.
28 sounds to enjoy and play with your extraordinary K2700 !



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Patches List:


Gaga Piano Bells
Dyn 9ft Piano
Too Much Love Ep
Tines Ep
One Vision Arp
B3 Breakthru
Who Want to Str
String Equalized
Fast String Full
Slow String
Show Must Go Snt
One Vision Att ST
Show Must Stg
Gaga Pad
Who Want 4ever
Break Free 2 Pad
Gaga Bass Arp
Break Free Pad
Break Free Pad 1
Break Lead
Break Lead 2
Breakthru Bass


Radio Gaga
To Much love
Want to live 4vr
Show Must Go on
One Vision Intro

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