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LDX122 - PF Cover Pack V3 - Yamaha MONTAGE

Sales Price: 39 €
Discounted Price: 29,00 €
A collection of sounds for the Yamaha MONTAGE, inspired by some famous songs by Pink Floyd... 39 new patches!!!
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The Pink Floyd Collection Ver. 3 for Yamaha MONTAGE is an updated Cover Pack suitable to play live the most important songs made by Pink Floyd in their extraordinary career: we added some samples and re-designed patches to give you an excellent sound experience... 39 new patches ( 38 Performances and 1 Sequence )

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Patches List:
Division Piano
Division Bell
Hard Organ
On the run loop
Money WhA Piano * ( Loop Sample on C ) 
Shine On Pad 0
Shine On Lead
Shine On Intro Organ
Shine On Lead Part 2
Echoes Piano 0
Time Brass
Time Strings 0
Time Distor Wha Piano
Time String2
On the run Effect
Ufo * ( Shine On FX Sample on G )
Shine Wind
Shine Stri P2I Intro
Shine Bass Arp
Pink Floyd El. Piano
Slide Guitar 0 *
Any Colour you like
Old Guitar 0 
Wish you w. h. synth
One of these days
Pigs Intro 0 
Hey You Flies
Shine On Synth
Have a cigar Lead
Shine Clavi
Shine on Lead FINALE
The wall children * ( Samples on respectively C, D, E, F, G, A )
On the run Patch * ( Sample on C ) Load the OTR Sequence and Play
Mother Organ
Division Bell
Time Intro 0 * ( Loop Sample on F# )
Shine On Intro ( Sample on G on high Velocity )
Shine On Part2 Intro


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