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Products tagged as : Krome

23 new sounds for Korg M3 / M50 / Krome, the most famous keyboard sounds in music history...

A collection of programs and combis which will help you to cover some famous songs by Queen... 12 new sounds

This bundle contains 2 packs programmed by 2 different keyboard players that will allow you to play the masterpiece of Dream Theater, Images and words, from start to end!!! Over 180 patches

This collection provides all the sounds you need to play the full Images&Words album by Dream Theater... over 100 patches !!!

This collection contains some of the best sounds from the Pink Floyd world. The Complete Pink Floyd Anthology Patched for KORG KROME, 70 New Combis and more of 128 Programs + Bonus "Pink Floyd Cover Pack MKI" for Free...

These collections provide all the sounds you need to play the full "Images and Words" studio album by american progressive metal/rock band Dream Theater... over 89 New Patches

SynthSound is proud to announce its first official product: Synthologia Vol.1 is a sound bank for KORG keyboards compatible with the major part of the most famous products (Triton Series, Oasys, M3, M50,Kronos, Krome). Feat. Wizard / Planet / Classic Synth collections + Bonus Sounds.

This collection contains some of the best sounds from the most famous songs by Pink Floyd. It features some real time controls such as pads, knobs and arpeggio patterns... 26 new patches

This collection is inspired by the finnish symphonic metal band Nightwish... 34 new patches!

This sound bank has been designed and programmed to faithfully reproduce the historical "Scenes from a memory". By simply advancing with the combinations you will be able to comfortably play the 122 carefully programmed pathces...122 patches!

Korg Krome Cover Pack - Full Songs by SHADYSTRAZ The collection for M50 ported to your Krome!