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Products tagged as : roland

"The iconic sounds of Vangelis" + "Roland legends for Novation" Packs Bundled... over 75 new patches !

This collection provides several sounds inspired to five of the most famous vintage analog synthesizers from Roland deeply programmed for the Novation Mininova and Ultranova... 50 new patches !

The new Keytar Leads Collection on Ax-Synth includes many patches inspired by Dream Theater songs and also some other patches to give you the best live experience of your entire life !

Using the waveforms available in SH-201 and working with the three elements of sound we tried to recreate some patches of natural sounds of acoustic and electric piano, organ and guitar sounds and other orchestral sounds like violins, bells for the use of the synthesizer also as a melodic instrument...123 new patches

This collection offers 38 famous and great sounds for the Roland Juno Stage , that are not included in the presets. Here you can find the list and description of these sounds...

This collection offers some famous and great sounds for the Roland Juno-DI Mobile Synthesizer: these patches are not included in the presets... 16 new patches.

This collection contains most of the lead sounds in the history of Dream Theater. All this is now available for your Jupiter-80...