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Products tagged as : korg

New 64 Combis inspired by the world of audio production. The patches have been programmed using the EXi synthesis; many high quality sounds programmed to be used in your Studio Recording.

Finally available the bundle that features Coverlogia Complete cover collection V3 & the famous The Endless Floyd Anthology MKIII; a great collection for the Nautilus Series... over 200 patches !

A collection of programs and combis which will help you to cover some famous songs by Queen... 15 new sounds !

A great bundle for Korg Nautilus of 191 new patches. Complete Cover Collection V3 + 63 Sounds - Making History Vol.1 features patches inspired by some of the most important songs by rock giants Pink Floyd, Queen, Toto, Europe, Michael Jackson, Muse and many other artists of the 80's and 90's

Finally available the bundle that features Synthologia EXi & JD8 Project completely revisioned from scratch by Synthsound. The most powerful collection for the Nautilus Series... Over 2 banks of new complex patches !

SUPER JX-LOGIA is a library dedicated to the most famous vintage analog polyphonic synthesizers by Roland®: JX-10 (also known as Super JX)... 14 new sounds !

Powerful bundle with all the necessary: Monster Pack Gold features many metal leads, groove sounds, power pads, strings and a large set list of complete songs by Dream Theater... over 500 patches !

640 original presets from Yamaha Dx series ready to play with your Nautilus !

Powerful pack with all the necessary to play live aloud and with personality: many metal leads, groove sounds, power pads and strings in... over 300 new patches !

Finally available the bundle that features Monster Pack MKIII & the Coverlogia Complete Cover Collection V3. The ultimate pack with over 400 new sounds ready to play live aloud...

An amazing bundle pack of all the best developed on Korg Nautilus in progressive and metal areas. All your need is in this complete pack. It includes many powerful leads, as well as powerful groove sounds and dist organs, fast pads and epic strings. This bundle is the ultimate prog metal pack; it includes many sounds used by Dream Theater, Sons of Apollo, Planet X, Liquid Tension Experiment, and many others.

Bundle: Gothic Room + POAE Cover Pack V2 for Korg Nautilus. This collection is inspired by the gothic and black metal sound of '90s and '00s... 60 new patches